Heat and power - both from one appliance!

Local energy that’s smart, efficient, independent, environmentally friendly, reliable, and saves you money.  And it backs up your building in case of a power outage!

PowerFurnace is a full-featured micro CHP (combined heating and power) system that runs on natural gas or propane.  It reduces your grid electrical consumption and increases your energy efficiency since it simultaneously provides heating (space and water) and produces electricity.  And, if the power goes out, it acts as an automatic backup generator while continuing  to provide your heating.

By performing heating and power functions simultaneously, PowerFurnace increases the net energy capture from the fuel used.  The result is clean, dependable, and inexpensive energy compared to the frail, inefficient electric grid.  This leads to greater efficiency, power outage savings, and savings off utility bills.  



  • The engine creates heat, which is recovered for water and space heating.


  • Continuous power source that produces electricity to use or sell back to the grid.

  • Fully programmable to provide fixed output, load following, peak shaving, and other operation modes.


  • Continuous source of electricity to use on-site or sell back to the grid.

  • Renewable thermal energy as a secondary output.

  • Enables off-grid solar to work during blackout conditions.


  • Offers the lowest operating cost of any heating / cooling system.


PowerFurnace makes the most efficient use of fuel by producing heat and power at the point of use, allowing the customer to benefit from point-of-use, distributed green energy and maximum efficiency in energy generation.  This process is typically two to three times more efficient as a centralized electrical utility grid.  The result is lower energy bills, increased availability of grid-tied solar energy, and resiliency.


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