Proactive whole-building air cleaning system

AeroClear combines leading commercial technologies to deliver unprecedented indoor air quality:

  • Proven to significantly reduce airborne viruses, bacteria,
    pathogens, volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), pollen,
    mold spores, harmful chemical fumes, and many others,
    among tested airborne particulates.

  • Virtually eliminates smoke, dust, allergens, and stubborn
    indoor odors from pets, cooking, cleaning supplies, and new
    furniture or hardware.

  • Does not produce ozone or harmful byproducts, does not
    charge particles, and is not an ionizer.

  • Increases air flow for more efficient, lower cost cooling and
    heating and extending equipment life.

  • Only leaves behind fresh, clean, recirculated air.


Cleaner, more efficient air and less dust for healthier living and less cleaning.

Certification Study

Conducted by Cleanroom Consultants & Certifications


Sample - Lancaster, California - Particle Count Test Data @ 0.5 Micron

“We were blown away by the results we recorded – it’s that good.”

James Benz, Cleanroom Consultants & Certifications

AeroClear Results Table.png


AeroClear Brochure